Pro Wash services are designed to maintain previously detailed vehicles. Stage 3 options available through Detailing & Specialty services.

PRO WASH                    $37

W6 Decon

G Wash foam

C2 Liquid Crystal

C2 Wheels and tire shine

Stage 1 vacuum

PRO WASH FS               $55

Pro Wash

Dash & console steam

Stage 2 vacuum

Stage 1 windows

Stage 2 dry 

PRO WASH PLUS            $127

Pro Wash

Stage 1 steam

Stage 2 vacuum

Stage 2 windows

Stage 2 dry

*Recommended for vehicles transporting kids and pets.

*Pro Wash services are based on a defined labor budget.

We will happily offer Pro-Rate Pricing if Stage 3 options

are necessary to exceed expectations. 

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